Ariane 6 Mainnet Chain Validator 
Your CRO tokens are secured with us!

Get more than 11% p.a.
Reward on your Investments!

Team with more than 20 Years of Expertise in Infrastructures

Redundant Hardware on a Secure and controlled Data Center

Not using
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What will you get

A Consistent Tuned and Updated Node

0% fee commission till end of 2022

24/7 Supervised Hardware & Network

Telegram Group with Scheduled Maintenances

A special care of your investments with no Stress

A Direct Support Contact

Why should you trust us?


Our server is on a secure Data Center behind layers of cybersecurity and an A.I. behavior analysis. 


We bet in ourselves with a significant amount of self delegation tokens. We want the best for all of us!

Unique Style

Our node is virtually hosted on a dedicated hardware prepared for any remediation on a click of distance.

Our Expertise

We provide a combined expertise of the top contributors to the Main-Net as a World-Class Validator. Will provide to all CRO holders and investors the opportunity to stake alongside with us, accessing the chain with a  staggering and dedicated Service. 


We'll get back to you with a Portuguese charm!


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You need to register on and Stake your CRO for 180 days and receive 10% APR daily.

Ariane 6 App

You will need to apply for the Ruby or above CRO Debit Visa Card on the application (

Ariane 6

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